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DCEdninja entered the public BDSM and Leather communities in North Carolina around the turn of the century. A member of Triangle Munch Group, DECK, CAPEX, CORD, Menamore, LLC, and WINK, he assisted in the management of WINK and served as the vice president of Menamore, LLC for three years before he moved to DC in 2009. After the move, he joined the Crucible, Black Rose, BESS, MAST Baltimore, MAST Frederick, Indecent Enterprises and Kraken, volunteering as a manager for both the Crucible and Indecent Enterprises. DCEdninja has been on staff of Camp Crucible for nine years, and served as a judge for NC Leather. He has presented for numerous organizations and events on subjects including spanking, caning, electricity play, mummification, rough body play, self-identification, fire pay, and liquid nitrogen play and leads the recovery meeting at Camp Crucible. His current research passions include consent and drugs/alcohol.

DCEdninja will be presenting the following workshop at Sin 2018: