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Jayson DaBoi

Jayson DaBoi (bootblack, spazzed out puppy, and auction helper extraordinaire), loves to help and will pimp for any Leather person for most anything. Friends know this New Mexico native as loyal, inspiring and loving. Leather blood has always pumped through Jayson’s veins, starting when his father taught him how to shine shoes, continuing into his military career, and following through as Jayson brought them into the Leather lifestyle in 2005. International Ms. Bootblack 2010, Jayson believes that boots create a spiritual foundation of the Leather Walk, and wants everyone to have access to a solid, beautiful, and polished foundation. Jayson’s nights are full of supporting and teaching at local, regional, and national events, and—most importantly—enjoying life no matter what. And that’s what he’s doing, proudly serving Ian Coleman as his boi, smoking cigars on patios, and celebrating ohana; ohana is family: no one gets left behind or FORGOTTEN.

Jayson DaBoi will be presenting the following workshop at Sin 2018: