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Lady Zara

Lady Zara lives her life out loud as a collector of the unique and unusual. She has spent the last 20 years participating in the alternative sexuality scene as a student, devotee, attendee, presenter, mentor, doll maker, pony trainer, Leather Woman, Daddy, Matriarch of a primal leather pack, community leader, Gorean Free Woman, and Goddess to a few. She is the reigning Ms. North Carolina Leather. Her life revolves around perfecting her craft- altering states of consciousness through sensory overload, progressive self-awareness on her quest to be an eager and interactive oral historian. She teaches experience-based classes encompassing many aspects of the BDSM lifestyle and leather community. Sharing wisdom gleaned through mistakes made and successes celebrated by a self-identified greedy Dominant playslut and veteran community organizer.

Lady Zara will be presenting the following workshop at Sin 2018: