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MsGin & DaveL

The Sadistic Duo! They have an engaging dynamic and often present as a team. As active members of the Bay Area community for over a decade, they have presented for KinkFest, Paradise Unbound, Dark Odyssey, Folsom Fringe, NWLC and many local Bay Area events. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience through hands-on classes and demonstrations.

MsGin currently hosts the weekly Wet Munch at Renegades Bar in San Jose. She enjoys a wide variety of play and is fascinated by the psychology behind Domination and submission and finds it to be the art and beauty of BDSM. DaveL currently hosts a monthly Cigars and Boots social in the South Bay. When you hear laughing in a local dungeon, you will most likely find DaveL in the middle. Humor is intrinsic to his love of BDSM.

MsGin & DaveL will be presenting the following workshops at Sin 2018: