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As a licensed therapist in private practice in Portland, OR, and online through Talkspace, Pistolnymph currently serves LGBTQIPA+, kinky, non-monogamous, sexual trauma survivors, and others as an ally, advocate, and resource for connection, change and healing. She also serves as the Sex Therapy Expert for the Talkspace Team of more than 2000 therapists. Trained in sexuality, trauma, attachment and family and community systems, Pistolnymph treats a diverse client base and serve as the chairperson for SPEEC, an intersectional sexuality non-profit. As a queer, kinky, polyamorous slut, she's experienced the daily fight to balance personal and professional fulfillment and sexual expression. Pistolnymph is experienced in training and facilitation as well as mediation, using this variety of skills to reach new audiences.

Pistolnymph will be presenting the following workshops at Sin 2018: