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Sir Luke & His victor

Sir Luke and His victor have built an M/s dynamic with service, protocol, and Leather. As queer individuals, they espouse authenticity and are convicted about LGBTQIA+ and intersectional politics. Together they hold the 2016 Florida Power Exchange title.

Sir Luke has had an interest in BDSM culture for many years. Having lost his uncle to AIDS, and inspired by the activism and passion for the lifestyle that ran through his uncle’s veins, he strives to never forget where we’ve come from and how far we have yet to go. He finds fulfilment in his mastery of his property and pursuing knowledge.

victor is a person living with schizophrenia who can often be found talking with others about his personal take on mental health and how it inspired a deeper journey into slavery. he believes in the development of useful skills, body positivity, and most importantly, devotion to his life of service.

Sir Luke & His victor will be presenting the following workshops at Sin 2018: