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Uncle Abdul

Uncle Abdul is the nom de plum of a California-based professional electrical engineer (more than 50 years in the field) with a practical working knowledge of electrical safety. Unc' has also been a respected member of the San Francisco Bay Area BDSM community since 1980. During this time, he has lectured on electrical play and other BDSM and sexually-related topics to many BDSM and professional groups in the US, Canada, and Russia.

In 1998, Unc's book, JUICE--Electricity for Pleasure and Pain, first appeared. It has been widely acclaimed throughout the world as the best book written on the description and the safety issues in E-Stim and E-Play. Unc' has also led kink-related classes in handicap and disability issues in the scene, and aging in the scene.

Uncle Abdul will be presenting the following workshops at Sin 2018: