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International Person of Leather 2017 Judging Coordinator
International Person of Leather 2015-16 Judging Coordinator
SouthWest Olympus Leather 2014 Judging Coordinator
SouthWest Olympus Leather 2013 Judging Coordinator

Angel is a slave identified queer leathergirl who lives in Santa Rosa, CA.  She first found the community in Los Angeles in 1995 before relocating to Northern California.  Currently a member, and the treasurer, for the girls of Leather, The Exiles and Society of Janus, you can often find her at events SF or the East Bay.  Angel organizes and hosts two Santa Rosa munches as well as hosting various kinky events as able.   She is a member of Mama’s family as Mama’s North Angel. She serves as the Membership Director for MAsT International, Director of MAsT: Santa Rosa, Organizational Director (The Exiles) and finance chair for the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance, was the Secret Judge for the Ms SF Leather contest 2013, Judges’ girl for NWLC and the event’s volunteer coordinator, Judges’ coordinator for Sin-in-the-City, contest coordinator for SCCLA Leather weekend 2013, has begun facilitating cross-community round-table discussions as well as presenting her class on ‘Survival Skills for the single submissive/slave’.  She enjoys meeting new people, making new connections and sharing the passion she feels for this lifestyle with others. She finds that in her service to the community she gains understanding, depth and growth on her own journey. 

Angel is honored to be the 2013 Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL) titleholder.