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Master Tallen

Executive Producer and Co-Founder, International Person of Leather
International Person of Leather 2017 Production Manager
International Person of Leather 2015-2016 Production Manager

Master Tallen came into the Master/slave lifestyle in 1997 as a slave. He began his evolution into Mastery in early 2002 and is proud of where his journey has taken him. He has experienced a lot on both sides, and with the help of many, has been exposed to numerous perspectives.  He enjoys sharing his experiences with others and trying to help them find their own paths.

Currently Master Tallen is is the Executive Producer of International Puppy and Trainer Contest.  He is a Member of NLA Dallas, DPEX, and MAsT, and serves on the EC of Beyond Vanilla. Slave george is a member of NLA Dallas, MAsT, South Florida Bondage Club and South Florida Boys of Leather.

In 2005, Master Tallen created the Master/slave Flag.  In 2008 he won the Leather title as Northeast Master.  In 2011 he became Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather and subsequently was honored to be selected as International Mr. Olympus Leather 2011.