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Ms. Bonnie

Sin in the City 2017 Classroom Monitor Coordinator
Sin in the City 2013-2016 Classroom Monitor Coordinator

Ms. Bonnie has been an active member of the local leather community for over 18 years when she met and was to Master Dennis and is honored to be joined in marriage to him for 13 years.

Together Master Dennis and Ms Bonnie have an extended family and are co-heads of the Dragon~Clan, a large family of those that hold a Heart of Service and who strongly believe in helping to educate the community.

She feels that she have been blessed with so many good people as friends and mentors and received so much community that she needs to try to give back in service every chance she can. She has been active with the Butchmanns Experience, APEX, Southwest Leather Conference and presented educational topics at many events nationally. currently serves as Secretary on the Butchmanns, Inc., Board of Directors.