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ASL Interpreter Coordinator

Responsibilities of the ASL Interpreter Coordinator:

This position is responsible for the following areas:
  • Staffing interpreters
  • Scheduling interpreters throughout the event
  • Liaison to interpreters
This position supervises the following individuals:
  • The ASL Interpreters
  • Keep track of the number of attendees who have requested interpretive services throughout the registration process so that you can staff an adequate number of interpreters.
  • Recruit interpreters to work the event.


  • Schedule two interpreters for the Friday evening Opening Ceremonies, Saturday evening Contest, and Sunday morning Keynote Brunch
  • Make contact with each of the attendees who have requested interpretive services to find out what workshops they are interested in attending so that you can have an interpreter at as many of them as possible.
  • Schedule interpreters accordingly.


  • Communicate with interpreters to relay their schedules and make sure their needs are met.
  • Make sure that interpreters show up for their scheduled shifts.

·    Attend all staff meetings in person (or via Skype) as slave Jazz determines.