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Facility Coordinator

Responsibilities of the Facility Coordinator:

This position is responsible for the following areas:

  • Play Equipment (for contest fantasies, workshops, parties)
  • Set up / Tear Down (of event space and parties)

This position supervises the following individuals:

  • Facilities Lead
  • Set Up / Tear Down Lead
    • Set Up / Tear Down crew

General Responsibilities

  • Prior to the event, get the workshop schedule (with locations) from the Presenter Coordinator and create a spreadsheet/table to keep track of what equipment needs to be where, when.
  • Create instructions for the Set Up / Tear Down Lead and crew as to specific room / equipment set up and tear down, including the room designated for messy workshops, which needs special set-up.
  • Make sure that contest production crew has whatever materials and assistance they need in setting up staging and A/V equipment.
  • Act as a resource for those you supervise; help them to manage their teams as they need it. If you feel that a coordinator or lead is NOT doing his/her job, discuss with the Assistant Producer.
  • Supervise Set Up / Tear Down lead on Friday and Saturday nights for the switch from contest space to dungeon space.
  • Make sure all classroom spaces are empty of trash at the beginning of each day.
  • Supervise Set Up / Tear Down lead and crew at the end of each party to make sure dungeon spaces are re-set for the following day.
  • Supervise Set UP and / Tear Down lead and crew for load out on Sunday.
  • Attend all staff meetings in person or via Skype as determined by slave Jazz.