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Hospitality Suite Coordinator

Responsibilities of the Hospitality Suite Coordinator:

This position is responsible for the following areas:
  • Scheduling functions
  • Communication with those renting the suite
  • Maintenance of the suite throughout the event

This position supervises the following individuals:

  • Hospitality Suite Lead
  • All Hospitality Suite Volunteers

Scheduling Functions

  • Advertise the open slots available for the suite online.
  • Answer emails to hospitality@sin-in-the-city.com within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Approach conferences and local groups who may want to advertise their events / do a registration drive in the space.
  • Schedule Hospitality Suite Sponsors for their free time slot.
  • Schedule a Recovery in the Lifestyle meeting on Sunday morning and find a leader for the meeting.


  • Answer all questions regarding the space that come in.
  • Act as liaison for Hospitality Suite Sponsors and remind them about the promotional information / banners / signage they get to display in the suite for the duration of the conference.
  • Make sure that whoever is leading the function knows that it is his/her responsibility to provide food/beverages for their function and to clean up when their time slot is over.


  • Make sure that you or a representative is present at the suite at the beginning of each function to make sure the proper contact shows up and has access to all that he/she needs.
  • Make sure that you or a representative is present at the suite at the end of each function to make sure that the suite is in a proper state of cleanliness.
  • Schedule housekeeping to arrive before functions start in the morning.
Attend all staff meetings in person (or via Skype) as slave Jazz determines.