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Marketing Coordinator

Responsibilities of the Marketing Coordinator:

This position is responsible for the following areas:
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • Event Advertising

Social Media

  • Manage Twitter Account and post to it at least twice a week (more for special blasts).
  • Post to Facebook page at least twice a week (more for special blasts).
  • Manage Fetlife Account and post to it with status updates, press releases, etc. Update profile page as necessary.

·         Press Releases

  • Write press releases and send to slave Jazz to review. Post to Fetlife in event groups and groups for different regions. Email to Leatherati and The Leather Journal.
  • Disseminate press releases to kink-related mailing lists across the country.

Event Advertising

  • Arrange marketing swaps with kink events (swap program ads, bar cards in registration bags, 2 conference registrations for auction) and keep track of all swaps.
  • Get information for bar cards - number needed, shipping address. Get this information to slave Jazz so that she can mail them out.

Attend all staff meetings in person (or via Skype) as slave Jazz determines.