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Presenter Coordinator

Responsibilities of the Presenter Coordinator:

  • Answer all emails at presenters@sin-in-the-city.com within 24 hours of receipt
  • Email invitations to previous presenters to submit an application for the following year
  • Accept all presenter applications and respond with a confirmation of receipt
  • Organize all applications on the Google Drive for the Education Coordinators to review
  • Notify the presenters who have been selected (via email)
  • Help to schedule the workshops and tracks
  • Liaison with presenters who have been selected
    • Collect workshop needs
    • Collect Travel / Hotel information
    • Collect contact information
    • Collect Bios / Pictures / Workshop Descriptions for those who failed to give them earlier
    • Act as point of contact for all presenter questions/needs
  • Organize presenter gifts and disseminate at the event
  • Create shopping list for presenter needs
  • Attend Staff meetings in person (or via Skype) as determined by the Producer