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Vendor Coordinator

Responsibilities of the Vendor Coordinator:

This position is responsible for the following areas
  • Vendor Booth Sales
  • Vendor Communication
  • Vendor Area Set-Up
  • Vendor Liaison

This position supervises the following individuals:

  • Vendor Area Volunteers
  • T-Shirt Table Volunteers

Vendor Booth Sales
  • Disburse Vendor Application Packet (via email) to the vendors who will be invited back from the previous year.
  • Communicate with vendors via email to reserve booth spaces. Notify Jazzy via email when a booth has been reserved (reservations last for 3 days). Check with Jazz in 4 days to make sure the payment has been received. If it has not, follow up with vendor to let them know we will be releasing the space. 
  • When initial sales period (for returning vendors only) is over, post opening of general vendor sales online. Get revised Vendor Application Packet from Jazz at this time and verify that the packet and current floor plan are on the website. 

Vendor Communication

  • Answer all emails at vendors@sin-in-the-city.com within 24 hours of receipt. 
  • Make sure that all vendors (and helpers) are registered before the event.
  • Keep vendors posted on all event news that they need, including reminders regarding hotel registration, loading dock location, schedules, etc.

Vendor Area Set-up

  • Tape out the Vendor Area floor plan on the floor of the Vendor Area.
  • Keep track of vendors as they arrive. 
  • Perform onsite registration (check-in) for the vendors - they don't go through the table.
  • As vendors load in, make sure that those who rented tables receive them and those who did not rent tables do not "borrow" them.
  • Set up table for T-shirt sales / Vendor Information and hang signage.
  • Distribute sales tax packets to the vendors. Remind them that they must be turned in with their taxes on Sunday during tear-down or they will be fined. Collect on Sunday.

Vendor Liaison

  • Answer questions for vendors throughout the weekend
  • Help to find a runner if possible when a vendor needs something and doesn't have someone else with them
In addition, this position is responsible for attending staff meetings in person (or via Skype) as slave Jazz determines.