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2018 Play Space Rules

Sin in the City 2018 Play Party Rules


Be a responsible adult.  The party monitors (DMs) are not there to ensure your safety.  Ensuring your safety is your job.  DMs are there to ensure that these rules are enforced.   Anyone violating any of these rules may be ejected from the event without warning at the discretion of the DMs.

Do not agree to a scene without understanding the activities and ensuring your safety and comfort.   You are responsible to make sure any equipment you use is used in a safe manner and that any barriers or other safe sex practices you wish are utilized and utilized correctly.   Be aware of any risks you choose to run.  If you are not aware and fully knowledgeable of the risks of any form of play or sex, then do not do it.   Play and negotiate scenes sober so you can exercise good judgment.   

Be smart. “Red” is the safe word for the play space: say “red” clearly, loudly and immediately if you wish play to cease for any reason.   If you hear “red” from your play partner, stop all play immediately, free them of any constraints and either stop for the night or renegotiate before resuming play.  If you or a play partner is gagged or otherwise is unable to speak clearly then the scene must have a safe signal.  Any safe signal must be shared with the DMs prior to the scene commencing.  

Be respectful of others.  Do not touch anyone, their equipment or any other belongings without their explicit consent.  If you do you will be asked to leave.    Do not involve yourself in anyone else’s scene without prior permission.  

Be respectful of the space. The play space is for play, not for conversations.  Please take any conversations someplace else.   Clean equipment when you are done.  Do not bring drugs or alcohol into the space.  Respect the gender-divided spaces. The MANhole is for those who identify as male (regardless of plumbing), it is a place of masculine energy. The ToolBOX is for those who identify as female (regardless of plumbing), it is a place of feminine energy. The MIXER and The Playground are for EVERYONE!

Be respectful of play-specific dungeon rules. No feces play, flying blood, fire or cigar play (or open flames of any sort), or firearms or simulated firearms.   Any scene involving liquids such as urine, blood, paint, dye, wet latex, wax, water boarding (or large amounts of water) must be cleared with the DMs prior to commencement of the scene (to avoid damage to the play space and ensure sufficient distance from other scenes).

Be polite.  We will have a large number of people in the play space, please do not monopolize play equipment.  Please limit time on any one piece of equipment to 45 minutes if there is any possibility someone might be waiting for it. Likewise, the play equipment is for play—not lounging—do not sit on play equipment when not using it for play.

Be discreet.  Privacy and discretion are to be respected. All information about party activities, attendees, etc. is to be considered confidential. Do not bring cameras or other recording devices. Cell phones are NOT allowed in the play space. If you are found with a cell phone out, you will be removed from the play space.  Please be prepared with something to cover your more daring clothing -- or lack thereof -- when you go outside the party space.

Be legal.  No breaking the law. No sex or play for money.