Sir David Labriola

Sir David Labriola, Mid-Atlantic Mr Drummer 2000, has been a member of the Leather Community since 1985, starting in Pittsburgh, PA, and currently residing in Atlanta, GA. David emulates OLD GUARD; he earned his leathers and carries that tradition with his family. He won the BROTHERHOOD AWARD of Mid Atlantic Leather 2000, the title of PENNSYLVANIA MR DRUMMER 2000, MID-ATLANTIC MR DRUMMER 2000, and placed 3rd at INTERNATIONAL MR DRUMMER 2000. David has judged numerous leather contests, and is honored and privileged to have served as the HEAD JUDGE at SOUTHEAST LEATHERFEST from 2007-Present, which has allowed him to mentor many of the contestants through their leather journey. He has also presented nationwide, and enjoys meeting others and passing on his Leather history, as he lives and breathes the Leather Lifestyle. David is the BOARD CHAIR and FOUNDING MEMBER of the LEATHER HISTORY PRESERVATION FOUNDATION, and was awarded the 2017 LEATHERTARIAN AWARD.

Sir David Labriola is a judge for the 2018 International Person of Leather Contest
Sir David Labriola will be presenting the following workshop at Sin 2018: