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Equus International Pony Play Event, an amazing joyous weekend of Pony Play, now in our fourth year, we are a dedicated Pony Play event.  Equus IPPE in Los Angeles is the opportunity for ALL Pony Play enthusiasts to meet face to face. This event is open to ALL styles of Pony Play, ALL types of Ponies, ALL the wonderful people that take our reins and those who love us.  We embrace our differences and celebrate our diversity.

Join us for Western Games, Eventing, The Pony Show, Carousel Ponies, Carting in the Park, 3 Classes by our 2018 Presenter - Piper Pony!, Presentations by new Presenters on Pony Play, and the North American Pony/Trainer Leather title Contest!

Equus IPPE’s mission is to provide quality education on Pony Play and a safe space to play and experience new things in Pony Play.


Sin In The City attendees please enter discount code: SinEventDiscount at checkout for $5 off!