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Raven Darknights

Anything sharp and shiny piques this presenter's interest. As the gateway to sensuality, brilliant minds are especially compelling. Believing that what one thinks affects what one feels and what one does, Raven has explored the intricacies of flirtation and seduction as well as chivalry and gallantry. These two seemingly disparate avenues led to discovering the power of intention and focus. Raven makes it easy to learn the keys to attaining both quickly and consistently.

Of course, razors and blades are sharp and shiny as well. Beginning 15 years ago with the

acquisition of a vintage 1960 Gillette Fat Boy adjustable double edge razor, a fascination has blossomed into an extensive cut-throat razor collection along with the skills in their care and use. Raven’s passion for the alchemy of heat, steel, water, stone and flesh turns a simple daily routine into a ritualized spiritual journey not to be missed.

Raven Darknights will be presenting the following workshops at Sin 2017:

  • The Art of Seduction
  • Hot, Slick, and Smooth: The Straight Razor Shave