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Rough Sex

Presenter: Danarama
Day: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Danarama demonstrates and coaches a wide range of rough sex techniques that can safely make sex feel excitingly brutal while remaining safe, for both women or men in control. After discussing negotiation, mental, and safety factors, Dan and his model dive in and demo dozens of fast and functional arm/body holds, creative use of clothing and furniture for impromptu restraint, powerful sex positions of high exposure or compression, mind-blowing fingerbanging, cruel handjobs, forced oral, hair pulling, slapping, talking dirty, integrating vibrators/toys into the act, orgasm control/denial/forcing, and other imaginative tips and skills to intensify sex.
  1. Rough sex safety and negotiation
  2. Rough sex holds & clothes
  3. Rough sex positions and transitions
  4. Rough foreplay
  5. Rough fucking action skills
  6. Talking hot and dirty