We couldn't make any of this happen without our AMAZING team leads and volunteers in 2013. Here are the people who have been working tirelessly over the past year to bring Sin in the City to you!
  • Executive Producer: Master Konraad
  • General Producer: slave Jazz
  • Producer's Assistant: Xornath
  • SouthWest Olympus Leather Contest Producer: slave Jazz
  • Judge Coordinator: Angel
  • Judges' girl: Honey
  • Emcee: Joseph
  • Contestant Coordinator: slave Jazz
  • Stage Manager: Bee
  • DJ: Papa Bear LV
  • Entertainment Coordinator: slave Jazz
  • Registration Coordinator: Slave Meta
  • Assistant Registration Coordinator: Kay
  • Registration Team: LUC of Las Vegas
  • Marketing Coordinator: slave Jazz
  • Web Design / Maintenance: slave Jazz
  • Graphic Design: TheChelsea
  • Education Coordinator: Mark Frazier
  • Assistant Education Coordinator: Bratt
Volunteer Groups:
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Ms. Bit
  • Medical Team Coordinator: PunkNurse & debbie
  • Bootblack Coordinator: boi moe
  • ASL Interpreter Coordinator: Gabe
  • Party Coordinator: JustDonny
  • Workshop Monitor Coordinator: Ms. Bonnie
  • DM Coordinator: Master Guardian
  • Hospitality Suite Coordinator: slave Jazz
  • Shuttle Coordinator: Daciana
Vendors / Sponsors:
  • Vendor Coordinator: JustDonny
  • Sponsor Coordinator: slave Jazz / JustDonny   
Physical Plant:
  • Facility Coordinator: Doc Tony
  • Security Coordinator: Doc Tony and Master Black Zeus