Our 2013 authorized media representatives were Master Todd and slave elizabeth (Southwest Master / slave 2013) of Leatherati.
They took pictures and videos of the Friday evening Opening Ceremonies and the Saturday evening contest. Following is slave elizabeth's write-up of Sin in the City 2013.

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This year Sin in the City broke a bunch of cherries!  This was the first leather conference in Las Vegas, the first SouthWest Olympus Leather contest, and countless personal firsts for the 400+ attendees. The energy right from the start was excited and expectant. Folks began registering in the morning on Friday and the wild ride began.

Color Guard from Sin in the City 2013

Color Guard from Sin in the City 2013

Friday we were hard pressed to pick what to attend because the schedule was jam packed with great classes. First we attended PantherProwls’ class about suture play which really got everyone’s juices flowing.  He was clear, well organized, and gave a great demo. Then we attended Dr. Clockwork’s class about using liquid nitrogen for SM play. Yes, you read that right…liquid nitrogen!  Apparently people do not shatter into a million pieces a la Terminator II but they do squeal wonderfully. After lunch we had the delightful pleasure of attending Catherine Gross’ begging class. There wasn’t a dry seat in the house as we listened to her lusty rich voice ‘demo’ both giving and receiving great begging.  Our only regret was the lack of a time machine to allow us to see more.

The Opening Ceremonies on Friday night were genuinely entertaining from beginning to end.  The evening opened with a beautiful parade of colors and our national anthem sung by Master Z. Seeing our community honor our country is always profoundly touching.

Master Z singing the National Anthem from Sin in the City 2013

Master Z singing the National Anthem from Sin in the City 2013

Then we were treated to the playful banter between our producers Master Konraad and slave Jazz as they emceed the festivities. We were introduced to the two contestants for Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather as they drew their numbers and auctioned off their baskets. To keep things even sexier we were treated to melting into our seats watching performances by Graydancer and his girl and Lexa Lusty.

Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2012 Master Trish giving her stepdown speech

Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2012 Master Trish giving her stepdown speech

Afterward, attendees could choose to attend the off-site play party and/or the Monte Carlo Port and Cigar Social hosted by Master Trish, Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2012. The conference provided a shuttle to and from the party, well organized and convenient!  We opted for the port and paid the price in the morning but had an amazing evening.  I would tell you more but what happens in Vegas…

Saturday we missed the first round of classes as we recovered from the port. Cruising through the vendor’s area and enjoying the company of friends old and new was really fun. The fellowship and community spirit were energizing. We stopped by the hospitality suite hosted by the Seattle girls of Leather and were treated to home-made cake balls, candy, water, and ‘girl juice.’ The SgoL girls were super friendly and put out a great spread.

After lunch, we went to Glenda Rider’s class about using duct tape in ways it was never intended for. Glenda began class chit chatting as she made a flogger out of duct tape with pennies in the tips of each fall. I knew I was in trouble when she asked Master Todd which color of tape he liked for the handle and sure enough I got to demo bottom for that penny filled craft project of doom.  I promise you a duct tape flogger is no joke and I have the bruises still to prove it.

The meal plan was really well run and the food was high quality tasty stuff.  Every meal we ate with the meal plan was worth the price and much more for the company we were honored to keep.  Conversation with Leather mentors, leaders, and fellow kinky folk is always a highlight of any conference.

Mr. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2012 Master Jerome delivers his stepdown speech

Mr. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2012 Master Jerome delivers his stepdown speech

Ms. Southwest Olympus Leather TC at Sin in the City 2013

Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather TC at Sin in the City 2013

Southwest Leather Conference producer and all around entertainer Joseph was the MC for the evening contest program. His wit mixed with his sexiness is hard to top. The night was filled with a charity auction with International Mr. Olympus Leather 2008 Andrew Love and Ms. International Olympus 2012 Nova, yet another fabulously hot performance by Lexa Lusty, and a surprise fund raising throw down involving passing the hat to raise $1000 to watch three volunteers drop their pants!

The contestants, Ms. Bit and TC both answered pop questions and did wonderful fantasies. Ms. Bit performed a great take on Little Red Riding Hood giving the wolf what he had coming. TC gave us a look into how staging a home break in scene can go a bit sideways and still be hot. In the final count, TC won Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2013! Congratulations.

Saturday evening we opted for the off-site play party and we not disappointed. The space was vast and filled with sex magic. There were areas for nearly every play you can imagine and many you haven’t yet.  The producers promised, “It will hurt more than it did on the internet,” and they delivered.

Mama's Family photo from Sin in the City 2013

Mama’s Family photo from Sin in the City 2013

Sunday morning we enjoyed brunch and Master Z giving an inspiring keynote.  His topic, “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine,” drew each of us closer not only to him but also to ourselves and one another.  The call to be authentic and humble spoken by someone with so much grace was very moving.

With fantastic classes by highly respected presenters, a perfect location, the SouthWest Olympus Leather contest, and wonderful keynote there was truly nothing more one could ask of any conference let alone a first year conference. If you missed this year do not let yourself miss out on next year because Sin in the City 2014 is surely going to be just as nasty, dirty, raunchy, and wrong!