We have an AMAZING line-up of presenters ready to share some truly AWESOME workshops with you throughout the course of the event!

To view a presenter's bio, simply click on his/her picture.

For those wondering, we are indeed set with our presenters for 2013, but as soon as we're ready to make selections for 2014, we'll announce it here!

Mark Frazier

Lady Hilary

Master Z (of Texas)

Stormmy, Nichole and Miranda

Master Konraad

Dr. Bob Rubel


Master Jerome and Slave Meta

Master Bert Cutler and slave nadine cutler


Glenda Rider

Lady Catherine Gross



pat baillie

OB and Angel Propps

Dr. Clockwork

PantherProwLs and Embers (aka PanthersPrey)

Wayne Brawner

Hardy Haberman

Sharrin Spector

Master Tallen

Jayson DaBoi

Andrew Love

Master Guardian