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Jayson DaBoi

International Ms. Bootblack 2010       
Ms. Rio Grande Leather 2010             
New Mexico Bootblack 2009            
MsTer Pride 2004

Jayson DaBoi is a native New Mexican, spastic puppy and highly energetic bootblack. Proudly serving Daddy Evan as his boi. Has been living the leather lifestyle for 8 years, but has always had a leather-heart. Jayson started bootblacking at a young age, when her father first taught her how to shine his shoes; she was hooked at first polish. She continued his traditions into the military and now shares them with her community. Jayson believes that boots create the spiritual foundation of the Leather Walk, and she wants to ensure that everyone has access to a solid and beautiful foundation. She enjoys sharing her love of leather care with anyone willing to learn. When not working her "normal" job, she can be found in a cigar bar or her living room, blacking boots, or out in the community raising funds for anyone who asks.