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Master Guardian

Southwest Master 2005     
Pantheon of Leather Couple of the Year 2006

Denny Acevedo, also known as Master Guardian, served as Southwest Master 2005 and has been an active member of the Las Vegas BDSM/Leather community since 2001. He was also awarded the Pantheon of Leather Award Couple of the Year Award in 2006 with his slave, sugar.

He is currently a Co-Owner and board member of Sin City D/s Society, Founder and President of the Dungeon Masters Coalition of Las Vegas and Director of MAsT: Las Vegas from 2004 until 2011. Master Guardian has presented education workshops, judged Leather contests, and facilitated discussions on S/M techniques and Master/slave relationship dynamics in Las Vegas, Nevada and at national events spanning the country.

Master Guardian steps with his best foot forward, continually striving to promote the sanctity of the Master/slave relationship as well as safety in his indulgence in S/M play.