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OB & Angel Propps

OB is Mr. SouthEastLeatherFest  (SELF) 2012 and as the face of Owhips he was recently honored with the Pantheon Of Leather’s Business Person of the Year Award for 2012. He is a genderqueer Dominant  leatherdyke Daddy, which to some people sounds like a contradiction in terms. OB has spent over a dozen years working within the community and learning everything he could.  He continually sponsors events and gives to charities within the community as well. His loves are whips, talking about gender and leather, adoring grrls and girls and being served and educating others on those subjects.

Angel Propps is Women’s International Leather Legacy 2012, a title which has given her a leather education that is both enviable and amazing and it is one she utterly grateful for. She is First Runner up International Ms. Leather 2012 and Ms. SouthEastLeatherFest 2011. She has been nominated for two Pantheon Of Leather awards: Community Choice 2012 and Woman of the Year 2012. She is a musician, performer and an internationally published writer of erotica, horror, poetry, romance and literary tales, most with a Southern Gothic bent. She has taught kink- centric classes on a variety of subjects across the US, traveling from Jersey to California to educate, and is happiest teaching classes with her Daddy, Sir OB (Mr. SELF 2012).  Angel is very excited to be joining the board of SELF as the vending manager!