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PantherProwLs & Embers

PantherProwLs and Embers (aka PanthersPrey) are a 24/7 M/s poly/open couple living in the San Francisco Bay area.

Together since 2001, they have been active playing, Dungeon Monitoring, volunteering, and teaching for groups and events including Society of Janus, SMOdyssey, Threshold (LA), Dungeon Monitors Association, SFCitadel, Lair de Sade,  Black Rose, Leather Leadership Conference, NLA-OKC’s Tribal Fire, PLA's KinkFest, DomConLA, TESFest, NWLC and StL3's Spanksgiving among others, on a variety of S&M skillsets and Ds/Ms topics.

They also make leather products for the BDSM community, which they market through His company, PantherProwLs Enterprises (