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Stormmy, Miranda & Nichole

Stormmy is a Native American Indian of the Tulalip Tribe and deeply devoted to his slaves, Miranda and Nichole. His commitment and strength of character have made him one of the most well-respected members of the CSPC, where he has been a member since 2006.  Stormmy and his family are the directors of Paradise Unbound, the CSPC’s summer campout held August 7th-12th in Redmond, WA.

When he is not participating in the lifestyle, Stormmy is equally passionate about studying the wisdom passed down through generations within his Native American tribe. He leads a sweat lodge every week which, along with his family, impart balance and harmony to his life.

Stormmy leads a full life and his knowledge and wisdom has made him one of the most popular workshop instructors within our community. However, he makes it a priority to meet new people, answer questions, and help guide those who have just started on their path to fulfillment. He looks forward to meeting you in a workshop or through casual correspondence on Fetlife where he can be found as “Renegade”.

Miranda is a mom, a homemaker and friend to many and a slave in service to Stormmy. For the past year she has been exploring her dominant side with Stormmy’s guidance and has become very proficient with many implements. She has been a member of the CSPC since 2006.

She has a kind heart that is reflected in her actions and attitudes. She is a woman of integrity and strength that she receives from her life of loving her family and serving Stormmy. Miranda offers a truly unique perspective on lifestyle relationships as she has successfully maintained her service to Stormmy while learning how to top others – she has gained incredible insight from seeing life from both sides.

Although Miranda finds herself with little free time, she does make it a priority to cultivate her friendships and be there for those in need. She looks forward to meeting you whether in a class or casually through Fetlife and she is always available to answer questions. She can found on Fetlife as “stormsbitch”.

Nichole is in service to Stormmy, as his slave.  She is a nurse in her professional life and also a mother.  As member of the CSPC for the last two years, heavy impact, rough body play, blood play and boot worship are some of her favorite types of play.  She has a background in wound care, and uses that knowledge when teaching others temporary piercing, suturing, cutting and many other types of medical based play.  Her service to Stormmy, and inclusion into his family has given her a unique perspective on poly relationships within a power dynamic, as well as how to introduce children to a poly lifestyle.  The relationship and trust she has in Stormmy have allowed her to explore her little girl and puppy sides as well, and these have been very rewarding aspects of their relationship.  Always a lover of edge play, she is eager to come up with new ways to challenge herself .  She loves meeting new people and discussing new ideas and can be found on Fetlife as Aventris.