Workshops Currently Scheduled for Sin in the City

**Workshops by subject matter / track**

Workshops in Alphabetical Order:

Advanced Caning by Sharrin Spector

 Aging in the Leather Community: When Gray is a Hair (Rather than Hanky) Color! by pat baillie

Being Real in a 24/7 Master / slave Relationship by Master Bert and slave nadine
Body Punching by Mark Frazier
Bootblacking 101 by Jayson DaBoi
Carotid Play by Mark Frazier

Dominance and Training Without Physical Punishment by Lady Catherine Gross
Dynamic Relationships by Lady Hilary
Electricity: Violet Wand 101 for bottoms by Master Tallen
Flogging 101 to Catharsis by Master Z

Florentine Flogging by Stormmy, Miranda and Nichole
Freeze the Roses, Stems and Thorns: Playing with Liquid Nitrogen by Dr. Clockwork
Genderfuck: Fucking on the Edge by OB and Angel Propps
Hojojutsu: Take-downs and Arresting Ties by MasterKonraad and Graydancer

How to Navigate a High Protocol Evening by Dr. Bob Rubel
"I love You Daddy"...When Service Comes in More Flavors by pat baillie
It's Only a Little Blood by Andrew Love
The Joy of Duct Tape by Glenda Rider
Keeping New Relationship Energy Going: Some Ideas for Living in Romance by Jen
The Magic of the Ball Dance by Master Z

Power Plays by Lady Catherine Gross
Rhythmic Beatings by Hardy Haberman

Sew What? Suturing a Scene by PantherProwLs and Embers
Spirituality and Catharsis by Wayne Brawner

Stapling for Decoration and More by Stormmy, Miranda and Nichole
Taking the Long Road by Master Bert and slave nadine

Thriving Authentically by Lady Hilary
Tie 'em Up and Fuck 'em: Rope Bondage for the Impatiently Kinky by Graydancer
TwoPlay: The Art of Making Out by Graydancer

Unarmed Impact: The Art of Punching and Kicking by Master Guardian
When Protocol Meets Reality by Master Jerome and Slave Meta

Whips by Wayne Brawner
Writing on the Edge: How to Craft a Story Filled with BDSM Sex! by Angel Propps