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Being Real in a 24/7 Master / slave Relationship

by Master Bert and slave nadine

Living the M/s Dynamic while supporting each other as competent human beings who share common values

Many of us, as we began to engage in real-life M/s relationships, have discovered that our mental imagery was frequently more about our sexual get-offs and less about the reality of two individuals making such a relationship work.  In this presentation Master Bert and his slave nadine will share part of their journey, and delve into what it takes to be in a Master/slave dynamic as competent human beings.  Topics may include the construct of M/s in modern society, rewards and benefits, use of M/s as a vehicle for self actualization, the complexity of being human, intentionally shaping the relationship (training), ritual and protocol, communication styles, and dealing with issues.

This conversation is built around the philosophy that making a M/s relationship work is paying attention to needs, to the internal process of dealing with feelings, and to communication.