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How to Navigate a High Protocol Evening

by Dr. Bob Rubel (and Jen)

You’ve been invited to something fancy – perhaps as complex as a High Protocol Dinner, perhaps it’s going out to dinner with your rather stuffy in-laws.  You’d love to go, but you are concerned that you’d feel out of place.  What to do, what to do?  Answer: come to this presentation.  We’ll start with how to accept the invitation, move on to clothing, when to arrive, and what you can do to prepare to fit in socially.  We’ll spend time discussing how to manage your cocktails and appetizers and then dwell on table etiquette – how to hold wine glasses, how to manage your napkin, and how to hold your utensils.  By the end of the workshop, you should be able to welcome your next fancy party – or be prepared to give one!

This workshop combines practical and esoteric information to elevate your social game.  These skills enable you to have a fun and relaxing experience regardless of the formality of the setting. (PS: this course should also help prepare you for an "executive dining interview", should that be relevant in your life.)

My Book Supporting this Presentation:  Protocol Handbook for the Female slave: Theory and Practice, second edition. Las Vegas: Nazca Plains, 2007