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Sew What? Suturing a Scene

by Panther ProwLs and Embers

This class will teach the participant some basic techniques for suturing and some ways to use suturing relatively safely in a BDSM scene. This class does NOT teach medical suturing and does NOT qualify any individual in any way for using these techniques for any use other than S&M play. Safety will be emphasized, since suturing, like temporary piercing, breaks the skin, and is often classified as “blood play”. Topics will include proper Aseptic Technique, Choosing and using Antiseptic solutions, Use of and reasoning for “Sterile Fields”, Using the “Surgeon’s Knot”, Use of suturing instruments, Various suture techniques, Use of sutures to create patterns and/or attach decoration, Proper preparation of other items, Removal of sutures, and After care. The techniques discussed will be demonstrated.