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Taking the Long Road

by Master Bert and slave nadine

Building the M/s dynamic from scratch

When they met, Master Bert had an internal drive for what would become their M/s dynamic, and with no role models or certainty as how to get there.  slave nadine came from a noisy family and had developed the ability to be assertive.  What they had in common was a value for the inner journey and a willingness to risk all.  What followed was sometimes stormy, sometimes sweet, with fallow periods and extended spurts of personal growth for both.  Their M/s dynamic became a significant tool in their own development.

Master Bert and his slave nadine discuss their 30 year journey.  It was not easy to let go and obey.  It was not easy to let go of looking at what the Master wants and instead truly take on the responsibility for another.  And in the struggle, fundamental shifts occurred that changed the quality of their lives for the better.