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Tie 'em Up and Fuck 'em: Rope Bondage for the Impatiently Kinky

by GrayDancer

“I don’t do rope; it takes too long!” It’s a common refrain heard from people all over. This class aims to dispel that myth, with practical, speedy, and above all erotic techniques to bring rope into your kink. Fast body harnesses to improve your fucklife, methods of handling rope in a sensually effective way, and ideas for to keeping a scene hot from the first wrap to the last tangled ropegasm on the floor. Graydancer, host of the long-running Ropecast on the internet will share all the Great Secrets of Rope in his irreverent and engaging style. Whether you’re an experienced rigger, just took Basic Bondage, or are just curious about this whole “rope” thing,  this class will have something in it to help you tie or be tied.