Dr. Bob & Jen

Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Award (man), 2008

Robert Rubel (Dr. Bob), author, educator and photographer is an educational sociologist and researcher by training.  He currently has ten books in print and two DVDs (Books: four on Master/slave topics, two on advanced sex techniques, one on fire play, and three erotic art photo books.  DVDs: fire play and beginning impact play). 

Recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather's Community Choice Award (man), Dr. Bob has been involved in the BDSM and Total Power Exchange (TPE) scene since the summer of 2001, throwing himself into the literature of the field as though it were an academic study. He presents, judges, and sells his books at weekend kink conferences throughout the year.

Jen, Dr. Bob's partner, is a strong Domme who follows the Leather path.  Having worked with Dr. Bob over the last two years both with his presentations and his writings, Jen now presents on her own.  A voracious reader gifted with a powerful memory, Jen brings a wide range of insights and humor to any discussion.