Dr. Clockwork

Dr. Clockwork has spent the last 13 years traveling the globe from the dangerous concrete jungles of Manhattan to the outback of Australia gleaning knowledge and experience in all matters of PAIN and PLEASURE. Yet despite his INTREPID explorations, Dr. Clockwork remains a Prolific and Tireless scientist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and educator.  He and his faithful assistants have been spotted in and maintain memberships in some of the FINEST sex positive and educational organizations in America.  Dr. Clockwork was furthermore on the executive board of the International Violet Wand Guild for 3 years.  As an educator, he has lectured on many topics of DEVIANT BEHAVIOR across the United States and Canada.  As a philanthropist, Dr. Clockwork is a coalition partner of the NCSF, corporate member of the NLA-I, and supports many title holders past and present.  As an entrepreneur, Dr. Clockwork is the esteemed proprietor of Dr. Clockwork's Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities, selling electrical and medical toys, GUARANTEED to bring a smile to the face of all you kinky girls and boys.