Evil Geoff & Ms Tori

Evil_Geoff was introduced to BDSM as a lifestyle that people could actually live and practice through the internet in 1997. In April of 1998, he ventured into the real world of Leather when he first attended The Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, the dungeon in Atlanta run by Master Doug and boy bob Harris.

His education progressed rapidly as he became active in groups and participated in events ranging from The Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, PEP and 1763, and SouthEast LeatherFest in Atlanta, to the Group With No Name and Texas Leather Pride in Austin, Texas, to LynX, CAPEX, TMG and AprilBash in North Carolina. Over the years he has learned from many of the best teachers the BDSM and Leather worlds have to offer including Master Hines, Hromovy, Midori, Tammad Rimilia, Catherine Gross and many, many others.
In 1999, Geoff founded T3WD (This Thing That We Do), a pansexual BDSM education and support group in Columbia, SC. Over the next ten years he was honored to serve on the T3WD Board in every position from President to Secretary (except Treasurer) and as the NCSF Coalition Partner Representative. He has served the kink community throughout the Carolinas and Georgia as an advocate for the NCSF and all things Leather, BDSM and kink related.

Geoff has become an aficionado and teacher of many things over the years, to include flogging, fire play, needles, the violet wand, caning, role-playing, scene safety, and many other subjects. Geoff has been a good will ambassador and presenter at numerous BDSM groups, events and dungeons around the Southeast, and he was a judge for both the North Carolina Leather Contest and South Carolina Leather Contest in 2010, and was the Lead Judge for the Mr./Ms. SC Leather title contest in 2011 and 2012.

He was accepted into The Kindred, a Leather Family headed by LadyBeth in October of 2009. Geoff was presented with his Master's Cover by LadyBeth and the Kindred in December of 2012, and now lives with his partner in crime (and Leather) - MsTori - and is the head of his own Leather household. He became a full member of the Tarheel Leather Club in 2011, and serves as their webmaster and was elected to be the club's Scribe for 2012-2014.  He is also serving the Board of the Southeast Conference of Clubs as the Sergeant-At-Arms for the 2013 - 2015 term.

From a very early age, Ms Tori knew she was not like the other people she hung around with. Searching for answers into her adulthood led her to stumble across Alt.com. Like so many others in the internet age, Tori found the sign posts pointing her in the direction to search for her answers. She was invited to attend a dungeon in Greensboro, NC in 2005, and that opened her eyes to a whole new reality.

Family issues required Ms Tori to step away from the scene for a while, but she was able to continue her education through conversations with other Dominants in the lifestyle. In March 2008 she was able to resume participating actively in her local community. Ms Tori attended educational presentations and became the student of Evil_Geoff and later his partner.

Ms Tori has been both a Den Mamma and Judge for SCLC.  She has also co-presented with Evil_Geoff on several topics across the Carolinas, Virgina, Georgia and Texas.  In August 2011, Ms Tori was accepted as a member of The Tarheel Leather Club and was elected to be club's President for  2012-2014.