Lady Hilary

Ms. Sacramento Valley Leather 1998
SF Dyke Mommy 1995

Lady Hilary
is a visionary leader who has been exploring leather since 1989. On her journey she has twice been a titleholder - SF Dyke Mommy 1995 and Ms Sacramento Valley Leather 1998. Lady Hilary has shared her knowledge with The Exiles, Alameda Leather Corps, Santa Clara County Leather Association, smOdyssey, Inc., the Sacramento Valley Leather Corps, The Citadel, The Society of Janus, Rio Grande Leather, Dark Odyssey, Sacramento Valley Heat, Southwest Leather Conference, and numerous other organizations and conferences. In addition, she has judged numerous leather contests and emceed many leather events.

From her passion to translate powerful business and personal growth metaphors into the leather worldview, Lady Hilary envisioned, created and now produces regular Vanguard Leather events. Lady Hilary firmly believes in and lives a bliss-filled life of focused desire, devotion, and service.

With utter joy Lady Hilary maintains passionate, awesome leather relationships with her ‘Ohana. She leads a full life with a huge heart that always has room for more. The members of her ‘Ohana include 2 marvelous butch boys, a leather brother, a family dawg, a leather uncle, her boy’s boy and his boyfriend, a service sewer grrl, a princess, and a sergeant at arms.