SouthWest Olympus Leather

February 28 - March 1st, 2014

2014 contest sponsored by E-Ville Designs

The ideal of the Mr. and Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather Contest is to promote a positive image of the Leather lifestyle. It is our belief that the Leather community is comprised of an extremely diverse group of people ranging from the motorcycle and Leather/Levi clubs to the heaviest SM edge player and all of the Leatherfolk in between. The Mr. and Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather title seeks to make all Leatherfolk feel good about themselves regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, handicap, or health condition. It is the goal of Mr. and Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather to make all those who wish to be a part of the Leather community feel welcome in doing so.

The newly established Southwest Olympus Leather region includes the states of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California.

For more information about the SouthWest Olympus Leather Contest, or to become a contestant, please visit: or click the logo above.

2014 Opening Ceremonies & Meet and Greet Sponsored by