Our 2013 Mr. and Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather and the TallyMaster for our 2014 Contest!
Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2013: TC

TC has been an active BDSM and Leather community member since 2009. During that time, she graduated from Leather Quest - a two year intensive program focused on personal growth, BDSM and Leather history, earned leather, and advanced BDSM skills.

TC currently runs The Path, a weekly BDSM 101 education group. She has participated in many fundraising endeavors for both The Path and the community as a whole.  She’s tackled  organizational tasks to improve situational efficiency in and outside of The Path’s educational mission.  TC is active in inviting and meeting new people to the community and creates positions beneficial to the individual and The Path.  Her hope is that in creating opportunities for involvement,  those who come into the lifestyle will find joy and fulfillment in being a part of the community. The Path is a place where people should be able to be themselves and feel safe in doing so. Inclusion is a means to create a sense of family and being a part of something larger, should that be what an individual needs or wants.  Her vivacious personality brings to life any position or task she takes on, making it not only relatable to those involved but also providing a sense of trustworthiness and safety.  This is especially applicable within the walls of The Path.

Service and education are two of her passions and have been a large part of her personal journey. They give her a sense of purpose that she ardently believes in and fill her with profound  joy, both of which she shares with the community at large. TC learned long ago that being of service is not only something she takes pleasure in but lives by. It is a motivating factor for her and a large part of her accomplishments in her leather journey.  

Some of her core values include responsibility, loyalty, respect, honor and integrity.  She holds a personal belief that life is meant to be fun. If she is not experiencing joy from what she is doing then she needs to change what she’s doing to find joy again.

She currently holds the title of Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2013 and is running for Ms. International Olympus Leather on May 8th – 12th, 2013 at DomCon LA.

TC is excited for the chance to meet the many goals she has for the title, including providing education to the BDSM and Leather communities nationwide, traveling to promote her title, and volunteering to support events across North America in any way she can.  She passionately wants to use her title to create opportunities for those within our larger community.  She believes strongly that this title is not just for her, but for the community as a whole and should benefit as many as possible.

Mr. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2013: Vacant Title