As we announce our 2014 Judges for the SouthWest Olympus Leather Contest, we'll make sure their bios and information are posted both here AND on the SouthWest Olympus Leather website.

KYew (Head Judge)

Ms. San
Diego Leather 2004

Master Trish

Master Trish

Ms. SouthWest Olympus Leather 2012

Sarha Shaubach

Sarha Shaubach

International Ms. Leather 2013
Ms. Alaska Leather 2011 - 2013
Andrew Love

Mr. Andrew Love

International Mr. Olympus Leather 2008

Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2008

Dr. Larry
Dr. Lawrence Burden (a.k.a.
"Dr. Larry")

Head Judge, International Olympus Leather, 2010 - present