Dr. Larry

Dr. Lawrence Burden – aka Dr. Larry

Lawrence has been in the Leather scene for 49 years starting at age 16 in New York City. He has been the Secretary, Vice President, and President for two terms of Avatar Club Los Angeles as well as serving as the Secretary for the Los Angeles Leather Coalition for three terms. He has served as a Daddy/Mentor to the LA Boys of Leather, from whom he received the Green Star of Excellence Award in 2003 and was made official Den Daddy in 2004. Dr. Larry was the co-recipient of the Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award at Pantheon of Leather 2011. He received the Southland Honors Mentor of the Year, Fundraiser of the Year, and Person of the Year from the Los Angeles Leather Coalition and was honored by being made a Satyrs’ Motorcycle Club Hellenic Fellow. He was given the President’s Award at the Pantheon of Leather in Chicago and was voted the recipient of Pantheon of Leather’s Southern California Regional Award.

He has served on many judging panels including Los Angeles Leather, Mr. Hoist Leather in London, International Mr. Leather, and is currently serving in his fourth year as head judge for Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather. He has written multiple articles for Instigator Magazine to educate new members of the community about the safer aspects of kinky sex and has written for The Leather Journal. Lawrence has taught Safe/Sane/Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink BDSM techniques for Avatar as well as for multiple other organizations. He is also a member of The 15 Association based in San Francisco and is proud to have been recently selected to be on the Board of Directors for the International Leather Sir/boy and Community Bootblack Contest (ILSb - ICBB).