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Red Dragons Riding Club

Meet Sin in the City 2014's PLATINUM Sponsor!!!

Conceived in 2009 and Founded in 2010, The Red Dragons is an International motorcycle riding club for the Leather, BDSM, M/s and Kink community.

Based out of Southern California (Mother Chapter) with chapters in :
    • Arizona (The Centennial Chapter)
    • Washington State/Pacific N.W. (The Evergreen Chapter)
    • New Orleans Louisiana (The Lagniappe Chapter)
    • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (The Colonial Chapter).

The purpose of the Red Dragons is to bring together people from all corners of our community to enjoy the freedom of motorcycle riding, develop friendships and supporting our community through service, charitable fundraising events, parties, classes and volunteerism. The Red Dragons welcome riders and supporters from all corners of the community regardless of gender, sexual orientation or power dynamic.

We are a non-political and non-confrontational neutral riding club and do not claim any territory as our own. We do not have “colors” or rockers claiming territories or regions. Our main focus is on fun, camaraderie, community service and RIDING.

We ride. We look out for each other and encourage our brothers,sisters and friends to grow and succeed. We support our community through participation in events, volunteering in support of other leather organizations, organize charity events, classes and parties. Did I mention we RIDE?!?!?

If you're one of us....come ride with us.