Workshops 2014

Workshops Currently Scheduled for Sin in the City 2014

Workshops in Alphabetical Order

Are You Cumming to This Class? The Explosive Possibilities of Orgasm Play by RuleOfThree
Are We There Yet? by Lady Hilary
BDSM the Native Way by Stormmy & Nichole
Body Sensation Play by Master Z (Texas)
Bondage Without Restraint by Miss Mina Hart
Branding: The Kiss of Fire by Sharrin Spector & pat baillie
CBT by Mark Frazier
The Crimson Splatter: Blood Play on the Edge by Stormmy & Nichole

Date Like a Pro: Taking it From Online to Real Time by Q
Emotional Fidelity by Lady Catherine Gross
Erotic Breathing by Andrew Love
Faith and Trust in the M/s Dynamic by Master George & slave bren
The Floor Gets Farther Down Every Day by Master Tallen & slave george
Foreplay as a Scene by Dr. Bob & Jen

For Love or Money? Making a Career in BDSM by Dr. Clockwork
From Diapers to Diplomas: An Overview of Ageplay by RuleOfThree