Faith and Trust in the M/s Dynamic

Time: 9:00a - 10:30a
Location: Salon B

We all come into the world trusting without question -- we believe what our parents tell us, what our society tells us and what our own experiences tell us. But as time goes on, our trust in those around us and what we think we know is tested and it is often broken. As our trust becomes damaged, we begin to fill our baggage with events that make us wary, suspicious, and separated from what we can truly be.

In our culture, which compels us to egalitarian relationships, we are trained to think that there is weakness in the lower side of the Power Exchange; and this impacts our sense of trusting in someone who will have authority over our choices. Master/slave relationships require a level of trust and faith from each side of the power dynamic, each is equally required to maximize their ability to trust in themselves, and one another.

A slave or submissive grants a sweeping degree of authority over their choices, and this often conflicts with our cultural upbringing; furthermore, such a position of handing over authority requires a great deal of trust or faith. Similarly a Master or Dominant is also required to trust that the choices they make are in the best interest of all concerned, and that there comes with authority a great responsibility.

Both must build a powerful foundation of trust in order to have a successful M/s relationship; and without it, each is denied the ability to realize their full potential. And when they find their trust is lacking or in conflict, it is then they turn to faith (this is not a religious faith, but a faith in one another).

The journey through this land is both wonderful and at times frightening -- to reveal to ourselves what our walls of mistrust are, and to confront lowering them and becoming vulnerable; yet without it, without trust and faith, not only do we keep authenticity outside our walls, we remain imprisoned with them.

Master George and slave bren have explored the complex realm of Trust and Faith in ways that are both unique but also commonly shared by so many others who try to develop Master/slave relationships. They have weathered the challenges that can attack trust and faith, and stand ready to share these experiences and reveal what they have learned.

Topics covered include:

• What do we mean by trust and faith?
• How to recognize key signs in yourself that you have trust issues
• Analyzing trust and protecting one's safety
• Baggage, Butcher Bills, and Balance
• Exercises to enhance trust and faith
• Who will be there to catch me?? (you will!)
• Q&A -- share your experiences and discussion