Using Protocols to Reinforce Your Authority-Based Relationship

Day: Saturday
Time: 1:30p - 3:00p
Location: Salon E

Protocols are an outgrowth of your values.  Some are tried-and-true, some you’ll have to create to suit your own relationship.  You can create protocols that support your own version of a magical world and you can create protocols that solve challenges that come up within a relationship, such as getting back into master or slave headspace after a long day at work.  Protocols can also be used to help stabilize relationships that are being pulled back to the land of vanillas.  We’ll go over a lot of practical protocols and will ask for audience participation to learn of protocols that others find valuable. (NOTE: you might wish to bring pen and paper.)

My Book Supporting this Presentation:  Protocol Handbook for the Female slave: Theory and Practice, second edition. Las Vegas: Nazca Plains, 2007