Edge Riders Riding Club!

Sin in the City is proud to present its 2015 PLATINUM Sponsor:

The Edge Riders Riding Club is a motorcycle riding club that focuses on serving and supporting kink communities in the United States and Canada. Our goal is to build strong ties and foster friendships through our love of motorcycles and riding. We welcome riders and supporters from all genders, sexual orientations, and power dynamics.

As a riding club, we organize regular rides and events to build long and lasting connections. But we are more than a just a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. We see ourselves as members of an extended Leather family that is not limited by borders or politics.

The Edge Riders Rising Club was formed in 2014 to bring together people in the BDSM lifestyle to enjoy the freedom of motorcycle riding, build friendships, and support the kink community through volunteer work, parties, classes, fundraising and donations.

More than just a club, the Edge Riders members are a part of an extended Leather family with similar goals as well as shared ideas and principles. We recognize no borders, and welcome riders and supporters from all genders, sexual orientations, and peer dynamics.

We encourage initiatives and participation from our members because that is how a Leather family grows and thrives. Our focus is on fun, camaraderie, community service, and the joys of motorcycles and motorcycle riding.

Riding, Kink and Family are what we live for and who we are.

Edge Riders currently has two Chapters:

Evergreen Chapter (based in Washington State, U.S.A.):
President: Renegade
Vice-President: Grizzdan
Secretary: Boots

Arbutus Chapter (based in British Columbia, Canada):
President: Domin81
Vice-President: Gearhead357
Treasurer: Nephesh
Sargent-at-Arms: Elwood

Anyone applying for membership to the Edge Riders Riding Club must be sponsored by a current member in good standing. Applicants go through a vetting process, and must be approved by the appropriate Executive Board of the Edge Riders Riding Club before receiving their patch. Please check the Membership page to review the vetting process, and to fill out the online application form.