Thorny Rose Tea Society Mistress' Tea

The Thorny Rose Ladies Tea Society of Las Vegas most cordially invites you to a Tea Tasting in Hospitality Suite B on Friday, February 27th, 2015.  

This group is for Dominant Ladies, however, for this event, ALL Dominants are welcome.   No submissives, unless they are serving.

Each table will have at least one member of the Tea Society, and we look forward to meeting you.  There will be a total of three teas offered to taste, along with a small selection of cookies. 

Tea will be served from 2pm until 3pm.  Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early, as this room is being used for other events also.  There will be a Lady at the door checking the RSVP list.  If your name is not on that list, we will see you next year!

Dress code is afternoon tea wear or fetish.  Since this is a public venue, NO NUDITY, partial or full.  The suite is entirely nonsmoking or vaping.   We are restricted by space to a strict limit of 32 guests, so RSVP early to  Last day to respond is February 14th, no exceptions please. 

The Ladies are looking forward to warmly welcoming you to our event!