International Ms Olympus Leather 2014

Shy discovered the BDSM lifestyle back in 2003, but true to her name she took some time before entering into her first formal D/S relationship. Though her first steps were unsteady, her next relationship with then Sir Mark and his submissive Carla really opened up her eyes to the width and breadth of the Leather Lifestyle. By 2008 a steady diet of experience and education had strengthened her resolve that upon her return to Texas, Shy immersed herself in the community. Since then Shy has become a Member-at-Large for NLA, joined WIL-International, volunteered for the Women in Leather History Project, become part of the staff for several events including; The Legacy Leather Contest, Women in Leather Fest, South Plains Leather Fest, and the International Master/slave Contest. As an International presenter she has taught classes from her home community to Ottawa, Canada. She has taught classes on littles, topping from the bottom and given a bottom's perspective on needle play. Currently Shy serves Master Patrice in the House Leather Lynx, and the community as Ms Great Plains Olympus Leather 2013 and current International Ms Olympus Leather 2014.


"My greatest accomplishments are what I have done for individual people. They are what makes our community!"